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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Complaint Resolution Process

Complaint Resolution Process



TVA provides regulatory oversight for Jellico Electric Rates and Service Practice Policies.  By working cooperatively, TVA and Jellico Electric have adopted a complaint resolution process to assist customers in resolving billing disputes and other electric service related issues.  In the event such a dispute or issue arises, the customer is expected to first work in concert with Jellico Electric’s Customer Service Department in a good faith effort to seek fair and equitable resolution of the matter.  However, if the customer has an unresolved electric service issue or complaint and they wish to appeal Jellico Electric’s decision, they can do so through TVA’s Complaint Resolution Process.  For further information Customers can visit www.tva.com/complaintresolution, email complaintresolution@tva.gov, or call the TVA Regulatory hotline at 1-888-289-8409.



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