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Jellico Electric & Water System
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Jellico, TN  37762
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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Enter Title
Schedule of Rates and Fees  
Deposit Requirements          (Effective June 20, 2017)
Residential Electric Deposits
     Residential $200 (Not to exceed 2 times highest month bill)
     Outdoor Light $20 
Commercial / Industrial - Electric, Water & Sewer
     Commercial / Industrial - Electric, Water & Sewer 2 times highest month
Residential Water & Sewer Deposits
     Water/Sewer Inside City $50 each service
     Water/Sewer Outside City $75 each service
     Industrial Water/Sewer  negotiated
Other Deposit Information:
After the deposit is paid in full, interest will accrue on a deposit held longer than twelve (12) months.  The interest rate will be determined by the rates the Utility earns on its general fund account. 

Acceptable Commercial/Industrial forms of security include: Cash, Check, Money Order, or Irrevocable Letter of Credit.

Upon termination of service, deposit and any accrued interest may be applied by Utility against unpaid bills of Customer, and if any balance remains after such application is made, said balance shall be refunded to Customer.  

Customers may be required to upgrade their deposits to the maximum deposit if they are disconnected for non-payment.
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