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Jellico Electric & Water System
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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Call Before You Dig



Tennessee One Call (TNONECALL)


Tennessee 811 is the underground utility notification center for Tennessee.

Always call 811 before you dig!  It's Free, it's easy, and it's the law!

Call 811, or (800) 351-1111, or (615) 366-1987


APWA Color Codes:


These colors represent certain utility types. They may be marked on the ground in either paint, stakes or flags.



Special Note Regarding Private Underground Lines:


In some instances, a utility company may "not" locate all of your lines because certain underground facilities are customer-owned.

This happens most often with water & sewer laterals (those running from the meter to your house).


Other lines considered customer-owned include, but are not limited to: lines for outside lighting, invisible fencing, irrigation systems, customer fuel lines, or any other privately-owned lines.


Your Local County or City Government, Register of Deeds, or County Tax Assessor, may be able to assist you in determining the location of private, customer-owned lines.


TN 811 also  maintains a brief listing of private locators, which may charge a fee to locate private lines. TN 811 does not endorse any specific private locator but would be happy to provide any contact information we have on record.  Please contact us by dialing "811" if you are in need of this information.


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