Jellico Utilities maintains roughly 300 miles of power lines. To keep our community safe, ensure reliability, and reduce the cost of energy, the Utility maintains a Right-of-Way (ROW) in and along high-voltage distribution power lines, our substations, and other facilities.

Trees contacting high-voltage distribution power lines can lead to power outages which are not only inconvenient but also costly. One tree can create problems for hundreds or thousands of people if distribution or transmission lines are involved, as they are part of a larger system. Most power outages on Jellico Utilities’ System are caused by trees.

While also responsible for outages, trees and vegetation can become electrically charged through contact with high-voltage distribution lines, resulting in lethal amounts of voltage within the reach of people and pets. It is the Utility’s responsibility to maintain safety in our community by keeping vegetation a secure distance from high-voltage distribution power lines and other equipment.

Jellico Utilities’ Vegetation Management Program not only helps to mitigate safety and reliability concerns, but it also reduces the cost of maintaining the distribution system. Jellico Utilities uses multiple methods to maintain the ROW, through tree trimming or removal and in the near future the application of herbicides.

Vegetation Management Policy (Vegetation Management Policy.pdf)