Making sure electricity is flowing safely into your home to provide the power you need is a shared responsibility. Sometimes a storm rolls through and your electricity goes out. If you notice your neighbors all have had their power restored but yours is still out, it may be a problem with the overhead electrical service equipment. If so, it’s important you know which parts you are responsible for having repaired and which ones we are responsible for repairing before your service can be restored. The diagram to the right helps explain which is which.

Customer responsibility:

  1. Weatherhead/Conduit/Conductor – this is the vertical pipe-like structure attached to the top of the meter box.
  2. Meter base – includes the box, meter socket and wiring inside the box.
  3. Items or cables that secure the weatherhead/masthead and/or box to your home.
  4. Attachment point (eyebolt, etc.) that secures the electric service drop.

If these areas are damaged, you will need to call a licensed electrician to make repairs before Jellico Utilities can restore your service.

Jellico Utilities responsibility:

  • Service drop – the cable from the utility pole to your conductor hanging from the weatherhead.
  • Meter – the glass-enclosed meter inside the meter box.
  • Electric lines within the right-of-way.
  • Utility poles and transformers.

If these items need repair, call Jellico Utilities at 423-784-8431. A crew will be sent to repair the issue so your service can be restored.