If you are a landlord or property manager, our Landlord Agreement will help you keep utility billing organized. A Landlord Agreement ensures utility services remain active at your rental locations.

The Landlord Agreement states that upon request from the tenant to have electric and/or water and/or sewer service discontinued, future service will be transferred and billed to the account and name listed on the Landlord Agreement until such time that a new tenant applies for service.

Upon discontinuance of electric and/or water and/or sewer service to a tenant for non-payment of the tenant’s utility bill, the service will remain off until such time as the delinquent balance is paid in full by the tenant or the indebted tenant vacates the property and you, the landlord, authorize service to be transferred back into your name.

You agree that you will notify the company any time a tenant vacates the property. You will also agree to notify the company if you sell a property that is listed in an agreement so that it can be removed.

Pursuant to this agreement, you will otherwise be responsible for payment of any bill issued for electric and/or water and/or sewer service provided at this property until you have notified the company of any changes.