Mobile App Payment Option

Mobile App is now available!  Manage your account faster, easier, and anywhere.  FREE DOWNLOAD available on the App Store and Google Play, search “Jellico Utilities“.

Bank Draft Payment Plan

This payment plan is the easiest way to pay your utility bill. It is free of charge and eliminates checks and postage. Every Jellico Utilities customer can enjoy the convenience of this payment plan. All you do is authorize your bank and Jellico Utilities to automatically deduct your utility bill from your checking account each month. You will still receive your utility bill, but instead of sending your payment, your checking account will be debited on the due date shown on your bill. Print our Automatic Payment Application, fill it out, and return it to Jellico Utilities with a voided check or deposit slip to get started on this plan today.

Online Account Access and Bill Payment

View your Jellico Utilities account billing information online and enjoy the convenience of paying your utility bill online by check or credit card. Click on the PAY MY BILL button to pay your bill now.

Telephone Credit Card/Check Payment

Jellico Utilities, through SEDC, offers 24-hour bill payment using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or check. To make your credit card or check payment by phone, please call 1-423-784-8431 and select option to pay your bill. Telephone payments are posted to your account immediately. Please take advantage of our payment profiles for Credit Card and E-Check, this will add convenience to paying your bills with a click of a button.

Budget Payment Plan

Budget Payment Plan is available for our residential customers. Your payment is based on your last 12-months usage. In this plan, you pay equal amounts for up to eleven months. In the twelfth month (October) your account will be adjusted. If you have overpaid, Jellico Utilities will credit your account the over-payment. If you have underpaid, you will be billed accordingly. You must have received service at your present location for at least 12 months to participate in this program. This program is offered only in October. Applications must be turned in between October 1st and no later than October 31st.

Print our Budget Payment Plan Application, fill it out, and bring it to Jellico Utilities to sign up!

Jellico Utilities Office

Of course, you may also bring your payment to Jellico Utilities’ main office, located at 992 5th Street, Jellico, TN 37762. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. After hours and weekends, you may drop your payment in the drive-thru drop box. You can mail your payment to P.O. Box 510, Jellico, TN 37762.


Jellico Utilities has suspended Credit/Debit Card and E-Check processing fees to ease the burden of paying bills electronically due to COVID-19.

Customer payments are encouraged to be made electronically if possible:

  1. Mobile App (Search “Jellico Utilities” from App Store or Google Play)
  2. IVR (Call 423-784-8431 choose option for “Make a payment using the NEW automated phone system with no waiting”)
  3. Website Portal under the icon “PAY MY BILL”